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RPM Pro software for Windows includes most of the features found in software packages costing $700.00 or more, as well as many additional features not yet available elsewhere. 
Download it now and give it a test run, we have several sample files in it that you can view to see how it works. Not a whiz at computers? No problem, the entire program was designed with an intuitive, easy-to-use operator interface which allows you to be up to speed quickly.

FREE SOFTWARE means you can send run data to anyone and they can use the software to graph and evaluate the run. Send your charts to your converter, clutch, engine and chassis builders to help them better fine tune your cars performance.

Here are a few of the main features.

  • Fully configurable, split graph display allows data channels to be presented as you choose. Each channel can be configured for position, color, scale and filtration.

  •  Auto load graphics control immediately displays an initial graph format of your choice.

  •  Four run overlay presentation for in-depth, run-to-run comparisons.

  •  "Quick Graph" function allows you to easily add or remove 1 or all data curves from a run with one click.

  •  Fully functional Log book allows you to set it up with as few or as many entries as you like.

  •  On graph time slip, split times, and notes field allows you to enter and review time slip and pertinent info without having to exit the graph or open the log book. When reviewing previous run data, one click brings up the time slip.

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