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Super System

( RPM Performance Products )
Price: $1147.50

SUPER SYSTEM $1147.50 Complete with PRO Software

This system includes all sensors, cables, hardware and software to provide the detailed information required for monitoring and maintaining consistency in the Super categories. Reaction time consistency can be determined by using a digital channel to record the specific timing of transbrake release and comparing that to the initial acceleration recorded by the G meter. Inconsistencies in the throttle stop system can easily be identified by the combination of a digital channel monitoring the controller signal and the hi resolution throttle position sensor.

These sensors, along with the drive RPM, accelerometer and throttle position sensor, allow you to measure Delay box delay, transmission delay, throttle stop controller start and release times as well as the rate of travel from release to full throttle. If the throttle stop mechanism slows down (or speeds up), it will be easily identified the first time it happens.

In addition to these, the system also identifies tire spin, shift points, carburetor jet and bleed tuning and fuel pressure. The ET presentation on the graphs also provide information as to how much stripe you took at the finish line as well as identifying where ET differences run to run actually occurred and often why they occurred.


RPM PRO Software
DL10 Data Logger
1  3/16” EGT probe with fitting
1  EGT Amplifier
1 Hall sensor
1 Pinion Collar, 4 magnet
1  0-300 DegF temp sensor (engine temp)
1  Throttle Position Sensor
1  Digital channels (3) cable
1  0-2.5G accelerometer
Remote start cable and switch

All sensor cables

Our Warranty

The DL10 Data Logger Computer is provided with a 1 Year  parts and labor Warranty against defects in materials or workmanship.

Additionally, RPM Performance provides and unconditional three year limited warranty on the DL10 computer that limits the maximum charge for any repair or replacement to 30% of the original purchase price.

Sensors and accessories are warranted for 60 days from purchase date.