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A Fuel System

( RPM Performance Products )
Price: $2170.10

"A" FUEL SYSTEM $2170.10 Complete with PRO Software

The A Fuel system includes all sensors, cables, hardware and software to tune your fuel system and clutch as well as provide detailed information about track conditions in order to allow you to adjust your tuneup accordingly.

Fuel pressure, and Scoop pressure readings provide detailed information about your tune up and fuel timers as well give you advance warning about the need for maintenance. By comparing pressure readings at specific Engine RPMs from pass to pass, it is easy to see when the pump performance or timer settings have changed from optimal. The 3 digital channels can be used to provide positive indications of timer operation. The absolute pressure reading monitors scoop pressure to provide a baseline for barometric pressure and scoop efficiency.

The EGT readings provide the information necessary to fine-tune your injectors so that you get the maximum power from each cylinder. They also quickly identify fuel system malfunctions and dropped cylinders.

The Accelerometer clearly identifies the instantaneous acceleration at every point in the run. This allows you to fine tune your combination to put the most power to the ground that track conditions will allow.


  • RPM PRO Software
  • DL10 Data Logger with 8 EGT expansion module
  • 8  3/16” EGT probes with fittings
  • 2  EGT connector boxes
  • Magneto Tach Interface module
  • 1 Hall sensor
  • 1 Pinion Collar, 4 magnet
  • 1  0-30 PSIA Sensor (Scoop)
  • 1  0-250 PSI Sensor (Oil)
  • 1  0-250 PSI Sensor (Fuel)
  • 1  0-5G Accelerometer
  • 1  Digital Channels (3) cable
  • Remote start cable and switch
  • All sensor cables

Our Warranty

The DL10 Data Logger Computer is provided with a 1 Year  parts and labor Warranty against defects in materials or workmanship.

Additionally, RPM Performance provides and unconditional three year limited warranty on the DL10 computer that limits the maximum charge for any repair or replacement to 30% of the original purchase price.

Sensors and accessories are warranted for 60 days from purchase date.